Saturday, May 5, 2012

Wine Quilt $1.00 Digi Alphabet + Free Papers


$1.00 U.S.A. (23.9MB) 
Once you've acquired the file, right click and
"extract all." I have the alphabet visible in its
entirety below (but watermarked. The butterflies
are part of my watermark.). I am always
nervous ordering digital products without seeing
everything in the zip file first. I want you to
know exactly what will be in the zip file. The
letter B is not watermarked and is basically how
every letter will look. My terms of use on this
alphabet are commercial and personal use O.K.
Meaning I'm not going to hunt you down if you
resell it or use it on anything.  When you buy the
alphabet you buy the right to use it however you
want.  I retain the copyright and the right to
continue selling it myself, however.

Granny Enchanted created a matching paper
 pack. I have created the 2 printed papers below. 
You'll find her Williamsburg papers free by
following the image link above.  Here's the bow. 
Follow the link to the quality image.


Below is what you will find (without my name on it) in the $1.00 zip file.  

Left click images to see the enlarged letters/numbers.

I left the watermark off of this B as an example.




  1. Sheryl!! Do you have a full kit of this one?? I want it so bad I can't see straight!

  2. Just what I have in freebies here. You might find things that match-ish at my GrannyEnchanted.Com